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For authors and writers dipping their toes. We all started from zero.
  • Track 100 responses monthly
  • 10 active forms
  • Basic analytics
  • Email support
For authors that are starting to find their true fans.
  • Track 2,000 responses monthly
  • 50 active forms
  • Enhanced analytics
  • Email support
For authors looking to engage and build their community.
  • Track 10,000 responses monthly
  • 200 active forms
  • Enhanced analytics
  • Dedicated support
For authors looking to bring their community to the next level.
  • Track 50,000 responses monthly
  • Unlimited active forms
  • Enhanced analytics with email analysis
  • Dedicated priority support


Breakdown of features Starter Indie Pro Enterprise
Tracked responses
Hear feedback from your readers. Each submission on a form is an response.
100 2,000 10,000 50,000
Active forms
Number of active forms collecting responses
10 50 200 Unlimited
Email responses within 24 hours. Dedicated support for specific bugs/features.
Email Email Dedicated Dedicated Priority
Enhanced Analytics
Get sentiment analysis and insights on reader feedback.

Questions & Answers

  • None needed! Simply build forms, copy our custom generated script, and paste into your newsletter!

  • We do! Email us @ and we'll find the right plan for you!

  • Paid tiers have much larger response and form limits. Our free tier should be enough to cover any artist starting out. We're indie hackers so our paid tiers are meant to pay bills and help keep our servers running.

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